Doneer aan De Zee als Goed Doel in het algemeen
Sea & Science Collectie VLIZ

Doneer aan De Zee als Goed Doel in het algemeen

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Do you want to support the marine research grants and projects of The Sea as a Good Cause in general? Your donation is more then welcome!

The Sea as a Good Cause aims to encourage young marine scientists in their scientific trajectory so that they can engage in original research and thus gain innovative insights within marine science.   

Marine research requires large budgets. For instance, specific sampling equipment is needed, fieldwork costs run up, access to high-quality scientific publications is not free of charge, analyses in the lab are often very pricey, etc. A travel budget is also needed if we want to promote international knowledge exchange.  Therefore, in order for marine scientists to carry out their work, any kind of support is welcome, including your financial support.  

The themes on which The Sea as Good Cause works focus on -but are not limited to- climate change (the interaction between ocean, climate and biodiversity), ocean health and the relationship of the ocean with human health, complemented by more general themes such as exploration, marine observations and technological innovation.